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Continuity of Association with The Maharanas

It was during Maharana Fateh Singh’s reign that the Udaipur royal family’s patronage of Rolls-Royces as the official state car began. Though many of the Indian princes had taken a fancy to the automobile and prestigious and elegant cars from British carmakers such as Daimler, Lanchester and Napier had started becoming an important part of the royal stables of several rajas and maharajas, it was the import of eight Rolls-Royces in 1911 for the coronation of King George V as the Emperor of India, in Delhi, that may have triggered off the Indian fascination for what was, by then, seen as ‘The Best Car in the World’.

Continuity of Association with The Maharanas of Udaipur

1914 RR Silver Ghost Colonial Tourer 40-50 H.P. 64 AB Coachwork by Hooper


1922 RR Tourer 20H.P. 42 GO Coachwork by Barker

1923 RR Tourer, 20 H.P., 64 H9 , Coachwork by Barker

1923 RR Cabriolet, 20 H.P., GAK 43 Coachwork by Barker


1923 RR Tourer, 20 H.P., 66 H3 Coachwork by Barker


1924 RR Tourer, 20 H.P., GLK 21 coachwork by Barker

1927 RR Phantom I Tourer, 40-50 H.P., 100 EF Coachwork by Hooper

1928 RR 20 H.P. Tourer, GWL 2, Coachwork by Barker


1930 RR Tourer GNS 11 , 20-25 H.P. Coachwork by Hooper

1933 RR Limousine 20-25 H.P. GKC-10 Coachwork by Thrupp and Maberly


1934 RR P II Sedanca de Ville 40-50 H.P. 181 RY Coachwork by Windovers


1939 RR Wraith 25/30 H.P. Sedanca de Ville, WEC 80, Coachwork by Hooper & Co Ltd