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Restoration and Resurrection of RR GLK 21

As mentioned in the earlier chapter, RR GLK 21 was cannibalized and its engine put in RR 42 GO. The engine from 42 GO was in turn put in GLK 21, but it was in need of work and moreover it did not match with the gearbox. As a result, RR GLK 21 lay unused and almost forgotten for over half-a-century in the City Palace, Udaipur.

Then in the year 1999, it came to the notice of Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar. He asked his Palace Motor Garage to take full stock of the Rolls-Royce 20 HP with Barker body and chassis no. GLK 21. A list of all available and missing parts was made. The work required to restore it was also listed and at the same time restoration experts in both India and the UK were contacted.

GLK21 Chassis Identification Plate HR